Rewinding bow thruster during a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea

For more than 140 years, Holland America Line has been taking guests to exotic destinations around the world. During one of her travels, the cruise ship Maasdam experienced bow thruster problems. Holland America Line requested Bakker Repair + Services’s assistance to resolve this situation.

Bakker Repair + Services’s service engineer quickly traveled to Canada to analyze the situation on board the cruise ship. He conducted a visual inspection and discovered that the rotor bars had damaged the stator windings. Therefore, Bakker Repair + Services advised Holland America Line to rewind both the stator and rotor of the bow thruster.

Bakker Repair + Services immediately started planning to rewind the bow thruster with the least possible disturbance for passengers and crew. In consultation with Holland America Line, we decided to replace the coils of the stator on board during a cruise trip through the Mediterranean Sea and to rewind the rotor in our workshop in Sliedrecht.

A team of rewinders boarded the Maasdam in Tenerife to start repairing the stator; the rotor had already been repaired and shipped to Spain. During a regular stop in Spain, our team brought the rotor on board the ship.

On the cruise ship’s arrival in Greece, our team finished the repairing the stator. They quickly started assembling the bow thruster and were able to finish assembling before arriving in Malta. The visit at this port provided a short time frame to align the bow thruster.

After aligning, our team shock fasted the bow thruster during the cruise ship’s visit to Gozo. Again, our team had little time to complete this task without delaying the cruise ship’s schedule. Finally, our team successfully commissioned the bow thruster and disembarked in Sardinia.


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Repair bow thruster Maasdam
Rewinding bow thruster onboard Maasdam
Rewinding bow thruster onboard Maasdam
Repairing bow thruster onboard Maasdam

The captain and crew of the Maasdam were thrilled that they could continue their journey without any disruptions.

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