• Partial Discharge (PD) measurement
  • Bakker MotorCircuit Analyzer (BMCA) measurement
Partial Discharge (PD) measurement
Bakker MotorCircuit Analyzer (BMCA) measurement


Diagnostic measurement for e-motors and generators in high and low voltage

Quality of the windings (up to 30 kV)

With an offline diagnostic measurement on high voltage generators and electric motors, an analysis of the quality of the windings is made. The insulation resistance, polarisation index, partial discharge, tan-delta and rotor reflection are measured.

Condition measurement without downtime

Would you like to quickly determine the condition of a high-voltage generator or electric motor that is in continuous operation? During an online partial discharge (PD) measurement, the discharges of windings are measured while your machine is in operation. Within 30 minutes you will know the current condition of your electric motor or generator. Furthermore, we can measure / analyse the power quality online using a motor circuit analyzer (BMCA).

During a Bakker MotorCircuit Analyzer (BMCA) measurement the performance and the power quality are analyzed. This can include a static (offline) measurement such as the Ohmic resistance, insulation resistance and induction of the windings.

 An electric motor can be measured within 1 hour. The BMCA measuring equipment can be connected directly to the connection box of the electric motor or to the switch.

Safety relay inspection / testing / setting

During an inspection of the safety relay, all relevant parameters (ANSI code) of your installation are checked, tested and, if necessary, reset. The most important parameters are: Over and under frequency, over- and under-voltage, over-current and reverse power.

Multiple measurements in one day

Do you have several (high voltage) generators or electric motors? Bakker Repair + Services carries out the (diagnostic) measurements efficiently, making it possible to inspect several (high-voltage) machines in one day. Our contact person will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.


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Condition monitoring

By measuring and analysing your machines, continuously or periodically, we can determine the condition of your machine(s) and warn you in time when it deteriorates.


A slide bearing inspection is a non destructive test which determines the condition of slide bearings.

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