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Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance engineering concept

Maintenance strategy

Maintenance Engineering focuses on determining which maintenance tasks are necessary and which working methods should be used. Maintenance engineering is also about developing a maintenance strategy and a maintenance plan. A successful maintenance strategy is usually based on the corporate strategy of an organization.

Reduced risks and increased revenues

The aim of a maintenance plan that is crafted by our maintenance engineers is to reduce risks and increase the availability of machines. The result of a successful maintenance plan is higher revenues for your entire organization.

Maintenance plan

Our maintenance engineer creates a tailor made maintenance plan that includes maintenance proposals and improvements that contribute to the conservation of your machines.

Optimize your maintenance process

Analyzing and optimizing the maintenance process is the key role of maintenance engineering. The Maintenance Engineers from Bakker Repair + Services use a concept that fits the requirements of your organization. This concept includes methods and tools to analyze and optimize the following aspects:

  • Secure and manage all information regarding the installation, condition measurement, long term planning, company risks and energy performance
  • Current maintenance condition
  • Current condition safety aspects
  • Current reliability of installation components
  • Current installation performance
  • Legislation aspects

Bakker Repair + Services has more to offer

In addition to our services regarding maintenance engineering we also offer reliability engineering services and electrical and mechanical consultancy.


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Maintenance engineering:

  • Manage asset information
  • Current maintenance condition
  • Current condition safety aspects
  • Legislation aspects
  • Current availability
  • Current asset performance

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