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Winding transformer
Rewinding of all sizes.


Rewinding electomotors, generators and transformers in high voltage and low voltage

Why rewind?

Minimize downtime: A brand new tailor made generator, electric motor or transformer has a long delivery time. Rewinding is the solution to start production again rapidly, reducing production loss to a minimum. We are standby 24/7.

Adjust to your needs: While we are rewinding, we can directly make adjustments to your generator, electric motor or transformer in order to create a perfect with your application.

Fast and independent

The Rewinding shop of Bakker Repair + Services is designed to rewind both high and low voltage electromotors, generators and transformers with a quick delivery time and high quality. Our skilful rewinders have extensive knowledge on rewinding all brands and types of motors and generators.

We are  an authorized service provider for:

  • Cummins
  • ABB
  • Indar
  • AEM
  • Hitachi

Manufacturing of coils

Bakker Repair + Services can manufacture AC and DC coils. Our vast stock enables us to quickly create the required components to skillfully rewind your machine.

Restoring Lamination and collectors

Bakker Repair + Services is equipped with professional tools to restore, renew and test lamination and collectors.

Quality control

During the rewinding process multiple tests are performed on set times to ensure our quality. All rewound electromotors, generators and transformers will be conducted to a final test prior to being delivered to you.


Each rewound machine will be delivered with a test report in which all the executed work  is  described in full detail. The report also includes the results of the tests.


Click here to see our rewinding references.

Bakker Repair + Services offers more

In addition to our rewinding services  Bakker Repair + Services offers a Testing facility, a Mechanical workshop, a Balancing department and we can perform Modifications.


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  • High voltage 
  • Low voltage
  • Direct Current
  • Turbo rotors
  • Transformators


References about Rewinding

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Linde Gas

Repair of 16,5 MW e-motor from Linde Gas within a record time of three weeks. We came to the rescue when Linde Gas’s own supplier needed more than six weeks to deliver the defected part.

P&O Ferries

Inspection and repair of bow thrusters and generators of several vessels of P&O Ferries.

More of Repairs

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Mechanical adjustments

Do you want to repair or modify material in a fast manner? Our mechanic workshop edits components to your needs.


The testing facility of Bakker Repair + Services tests electomotors, generators and transformers both unloaded and loaded.  

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