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Logistics service

Logistics services

Integral logistical services

Logistical services regarding overhaul and repairs

Bakker Repair + Services offers an integrated solution that includes the logistic aspects of a project. Bakker Repair + Services sends her service engineers on site to disassemble the machine and make it ready for transport. Afterwards they hoist the machine onto a truck that transports it to the workshop of Bakker Repair + Services where the overhaul and repair works are carried out.

Works abroad

The service engineers of Bakker Repairs  + Services are deployed and active all around the world. They make use of various tools that are brought with them. We will either send the tools to the location or have the service engineers bring them. We can arrange all necessary paper work that is required when importing and exporting these materials.

In collaboration with partners, we can also arrange the paperwork that is requested by the customs when importing or exporting an electromotor or generator.

Bakker Repair + Services has more to offer

In addition to our logistical services, we also offer turnkey solutions, consultancy, maintenance engineering and reliability engineering.  


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Logistics service:

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Recently, Bakker Repair + Services inspected the main generator and 4 auxiliary generator of NIOZ’s flagship the Pelagia. These inspections showed that all generators needed immediate repairing.


Approximately 100 million travelers in the area of The Hague make use of the busses, trams and the RandstadRail of HTM. In order to offer their customers a comfortable and reliable service, the traction motors of the trams are maintained by Bakker Repair + Services since 2007.

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Consultancy E & M

Continuous improvement of the reliability and availability of your machines

Spare parts

Are you in search of a replacement electric motor, generator or transformer? Or a specific spare part? We deliver all brand and types with fast delivery times.

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