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Alignment increases lifetime

Alignment when moving a machine

Bakker Repair + Services records the alignment of your electromotor or generator before it is transported, for example to our workshop. This information is used when placing the machine back into position. In this way Bakker Repair + Services ensures that your electromotor or generator is precisely aligned with the opposing machine.

Alignment with laser equipment and dial indicators

Bakker Repair + Services normally uses laser equipment when aligning a machine. If necessary we can align with dial indicators.

Inspection services Bakker Repair + Services

In addition to aligning electromotors and generators, Bakker Repair + Services offers diagnostic measurements, vibration measurements and slide bearing inspections.


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  • Increased lifetime of bearings
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Report

References about Alignment

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HKS Metals

Bakker Repair + Services succeeded in repairing a high-voltage engine of metal recycling company HKS in Moerdijk within six days. 


Essent, an energy company that provides gas, electricity and heat to consumers and businesses, ordered Bakker Repair + Services to replace the bearings of a 14 MW water pump onsite. Bakker Repair + Services discovered severe damage to multiple slide bearings and advised Essent to perform additional repairs.

More of Maintenance

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Preventive maintenance

How and when do you need to execute preventive maintenance in order to be effective and efficient?

Breakdown service

The breakdown service of Bakker Repair + Services will always be ready to quickly resolve your disruptions on location.

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