• Vibration measurement
  • Slide bearing inspection
Vibration measurement
Slide bearing inspection


Slide bearing inspection, vibration analysis and alignment control

Vibration measurement and analysis

By measuring the vibrations of an electric motor or generator, Bakker Repair + Services can measure the condition of the bearings, alignment, coupling, windings and the can package.

ISO 18436-2 certified

Bakker Repair + Services is ISO 18436-2 certified for condition monitoring by measuring and analysing vibrations.

Bearing inspection

A plain bearing inspection is a non-destructive test to determine the condition of the plain bearings. Bakker Repair + Services uses this test to check the axial plane, the tread and the play on the bearings. Material measurements, penetrating and ultrasonic, can also be carried out to detect invisible damage in the bearing.

Alignment check

By means of special laser equipment, Bakker Repair + Services can check and correct the alignment of your machine(s).


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Slide bearing inspection

  • Non destructive test
  • Prevents wear and tear

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During an inspection of the safety relay, all relevant parameters (ANSI code) of your installation are checked, tested and, if necessary, reset. The most important parameters are: Over and under frequency, over- and under-voltage, over-current and reverse power.


During a video scopic inspection the inside of your machine is inspected visually without (dis)assembling.

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