• Testing facility
  • Always capacity to test your machine
  • Testing with v belt
  • Certified testing can be arranged
Testing facility
Always capacity to test your machine
Testing with v belt
Certified testing can be arranged


Unloaded and loaded testing of motors, generators and transformers in high voltage and low voltage

Testing whilst performing work and as a final check

Bakker Repair + Services tests all electomotors, generators and transformers which are overhauled or rewound on certain predetermined criteria  while conducting work. Prior to returning your machine we perform a final test which guarantees the quality of our work.  Additionally, we offer the possibility to perform tests without performing other works, such as overhauling and rewinding, in our workshop.

3 testing fields

The Testingfield consist of three testing fields in which motors, generators and transformers are tested mechanically and electrically. Whilst testing different aspects such as temperature, insulation resistance and bearings are measured. In case you have specific needs we are able to create custom testing procedure.

Attend a test

Customers are offered the possibility to oversee the testing procure from our control room.  Our control room offers comfortable working places including WIFI.

Certified testing

Bakker Repair + Services can arrange certified testing in collaboration with our renowned classification bureaus. 


After testing you will receive a test report which includes all the test results.   

Bakker Repair + Services offers more

In addition to our Testing services  Bakker Repair + Services offers a Winding shop, a Mechanical workshop, a Balancing department and we can perform Modifications.



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Electrical and mechanical testing of:

  • Electromotors
  • Generators
  • Transformers

References about Testing

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NATO Support Agency

Bakker Repair + Services has serviced 35 15 kW Patriot Missile Launcher Aggregates (PMLA) in batches during the nine months of the deep maintenance program.

Smurfit Kappa

Bakker Repair + Services shows specialism with rapid overhaul high voltage generator Smurfit Kappa.

More of Repairs

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Is there damage to your motor, generator or transformator? Our Rewinding shop rewinds machines in a quick and skilful manner.

Mechanical adjustments

Do you want to repair or modify material in a fast manner? Our mechanic workshop edits components to your needs.

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