• Electromotor repair
  • Specialist in submersible motors
  • Overhaul ABB generator
  • Overhaul traction motor
  • RAL painting
Electromotor repair
Specialist in submersible motors
Overhaul ABB generator
Overhaul traction motor
RAL painting


Increase the reliability of your machine by overhauling


You want your electric motor, generator or transformer back as soon as possible. Bakker Repair + Services is agile and available 24/7 to overhaul your electric motor, generator or transformer. If necessary, we can quickly provide a replacement electric motor, generator or transformer.

We are  an authorized service provider for:

  • Cummins
  • ABB
  • Indar
  • AEM
  • Hitachi

Direct current, alternating current and ATEX

 Bakker Repair + Services overhauls direct current and alternating current machines skillfully and rapidly. We are IECEx 03 certified for explosion safety.

High quality

The large overhaul workshop of Bakker Repair + Services is designed to overhaul electromotors, generators and transformers in low voltage and high voltage with great care. The workshop is equipped with impregnation facilities, cleaning facilities, welding facilities and a lifting capacity of 100 tons.

Clear agreements

The overhauling of your electromotor, generator or transformer is oftentimes a great opportunity to carry out additional value-adding activities. Since you want to be aware of the costs upfront, the work scope is determined together and additional work will be discussed.

Additional services

As part of our overhaul services, we can balance rotating machine parts, modify components and test your machine. Bakker Repair + Services has recently also been equipped with a vacuum drying oven. The drying method has several major advantages. The most important advantages are less aging of the insulation material, a cleaner drying oven, a significant increase in the throughput speed and a 90% CO2 reduction compared to the old drying ovens. Would you like to know more about this drying method? Click here.


You will receive a detailed report regarding the overhaul of your machine. All works that were carried out are described in full detail. The report also includes the testing results from the final test.


You can rely on Bakker Repair + Services 24/7 to overhaul your motor, generator or transformer.


Click here to view our overhaul references.

Bakker Repair + Services offers more

In additon to our overhaul services we offer condition monitoring and breakdown services.


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  • AC
  • DC
  • ATEX
  • Fast delivery time
  • 24/7

References about Overhaul

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Recently, Bakker Repair + Services inspected the main generator and 4 auxiliary generator of NIOZ’s flagship the Pelagia. These inspections showed that all generators needed immediate repairing.

HKS Metals

Bakker Repair + Services succeeded in repairing a high-voltage engine of metal recycling company HKS in Moerdijk within six days. 

More of Maintenance

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Breakdown service

The breakdown service of Bakker Repair + Services will always be ready to quickly resolve your disruptions on location.

Preventive maintenance

How and when do you need to execute preventive maintenance in order to be effective and efficient?

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