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Experts regarding mechanical and electrical engineering

Experienced consultants

You can rely on our consultants regarding all mechanical and electrical engineering matters. Thanks to their broad experiences our consultants are true experts regarding their field of work. Our consultants are happy to answer any ( technical related ) questions regarding the functioning of your electromotors, generators and transformers.

Electrical consultancy

In the field of electrical consultancy, we offer advice relating to the following:

  • Solving problems
  • Maintenance advice
  • Measurements and inspections
  • Advice relating to the purchase of new components
  • Detecting and reporting damage

Mechanical consultancy

In the field of mechanical consultancy, we offer advice relating to the following:

  • Construction of machines
  • Usage of materials
  • Solving problems
  • Managing projects
  • Detecting and reporting damage

Member of electrical apparatus Service Association

Bakker Repair + Services is member of Electrical Apparatus Service Association ( EASA). This organization has over 1900 members in 62 countries who are active in the electrical business.  Because of this EA offers Bakker Repair + Services access to field related literature, such as publications and researches regarding electrical and mechanical subjects. Furthermore EASA offers Bakker Repair + Services educational programs and the latest technologies.

Bakker Repair + Services has more to offer

In addition to our consultancy services, Bakker Repair + Services offers Turnkey solutions and reliability and maintenance engineering services.


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Consultancy E & M:

  • Expertise
  • Experienced
  • Theoretical and practical advice

More of Services

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Maintenance engineering

A tailor made maintenance strategy prevents that the condition of your electromotor or generator deteriorates.

Logistics services

Bakker Repair +Services offers solutions to the entire logistical services varying from the customer to the work field. 

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