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Bakker Motor Circuit Analyzer

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring

Bakker Repair + Services builds up a history of your electric motors and generators. By measuring and analysing your machines, continuously or periodically, we can determine the condition of your machine(s) and warn you in time when it deteriorates.

You will receive reliable advice based on the results of these measurements. In addition to Bakker Repair + Services' many years of experience, we compare the results of these measurements with a database containing more than 20 years of machine data from many brands and types of machines.

Prevent breakdowns

Condition monitoring is part of the risk based maintenance concept of Bakker Repair + Services. Condition monitoring determines the condition of a machine while being operational. When used successfully, condition monitoring can be used to identify and replace worn parts before they break down. In other words, condition monitoring reduces valuable downtime of electromotors, generators and transformers. This way Bakker Repair + Services enables you to save on maintenance costs.

Condition monitoring offers the possibility to:

  • Reduce disruptions
  • Replace worn parts on time
  • Optimize schedule personnel
  • Plan additional repairs during planned stops


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Condition monitoring:

  • Increase the reliability of your machines
  • Decrease your maintennce costs
  • Optimize your maintenance schedule

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