• Dynamic balancing
  • Balancing crankshaft
  • Balancing propeller
  • Balancing bullgear
  • Balancing
Dynamic balancing
Balancing crankshaft
Balancing propeller
Balancing bullgear


Professional dynamic balancing of rotating machine parts

4 computer guided balancing machines

Bakker Repair + Services possesses four computer generated balancing machines in order to balance all rotating machine parts according to ISO 1940. We balance various rotating objects up to 20 tons in our workshop.  Care to balance even larger objects? We can fully arrange this for you or advise you in this matter.

Balancing as part of overhauling in our workshop

Balancing rotating machine parts is oftentimes part of the scope of repairs in our workshop.  For example, as part of a rewinding project or after performing mechanic adjustments.

Balancing for third parties

We offer the possibility to solely have us  balance rotating machine parts for you. Because of our agile mindset we are able to offer you quick and direct service. Please contact our specialist if you want to check our availability or learn more about the possibilities regarding balancing.

Onsite balancing

In addition to balancing in our workshop, we offer the possibility to balance on site. Our specialists are happy to help you with deciding which method fits your requirements; either balancing onsite or balancing at our workshop.


By eliminating imbalance in rotating machine parts you secure the continuity and availability of your machine. Due to this you decline the possibility of damage and you simultaneously create a safe working environment.  


Each balanced object is delivered with a report including all technical details

Bakker Repair + Services offers more

In addition to our Balancing services  Bakker Repair + Services offers a Testing facility, a Mechanical workshop, a Winding shop and we can perform Modifications.


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Want to learn more about Balancing?

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We balance:

  • Rotors
  • Crankshafts
  • Propellors
  • Couplings
  • Gears

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Nuon, one of the largest energy and warmth companies relied on Bakker Repair + Services to overhaul a 600 MW generator within a tight schedule.

Linde Gas

Repair of 16,5 MW e-motor from Linde Gas within a record time of three weeks. We came to the rescue when Linde Gas’s own supplier needed more than six weeks to deliver the defected part.

More of Maintenance

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Breakdown service

The breakdown service of Bakker Repair + Services will always be ready to quickly resolve your disruptions on location.

Preventive maintenance

How and when do you need to execute preventive maintenance in order to be effective and efficient?

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