Overhaul three phase current motors incineration lines 3 and 4

Bakker Repair + Services received the order to overhaul all electromotors from both production lines and to perform a diagnostic measurement on the generator.

Before the start of the scheduled maintenance stop, Bakker Repair + Services performed vibration measurements to determine the condition of the electromotors. A plan of approach was composed based on the information that was gathered from the inspection, including a safety plan and a hoist plan. This plan enabled Bakker Repair + Services to execute the entire work scope in the challenging time window.

The electromotors of incineration Lines 3 and 4 are placed on foundations that are difficult to reach with the hoist installation that is present at Attero. Therefore Bakker Repair + Services delivered custom made hoisting bars which hoisted all electromotors safely en efficiently off their foundations

Bakker Repair + Services disassembled the electromotors on site and transported the machines to her workshop for overhauling. After overhauling the machines were transported back to Attero and assembled and aligned on site.


All electromotors were successfully delivered turnkey to Attero within the agreed time window and budget. This contributed to a successful scheduled maintenance stop that went exactly as planned.

Work performed:

  • Composing risk plan
  • Secure installation
  • Vibration measurement
  • Diagnostic measurement
  • Check alignment
  • (Dis)assembling
  • Transport to workshop
  • Overhaul
  • Balancing
  • Transport to customer
  • Alignment on site
  • Report

Machine type: 17 MW generator
8 three phase motors 37 kW – 1200 kW
Voltage: 690

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