Overhaul 600 MW generator

Before starting the projects, Bakker Repair + Services composed a plan of approach to fit all the works into an optimized working schedule and to identify potential risks.

The generator was disassembled on site by Bakker Repair + Services and transported to our workshop that is equipped with the latest equipment.

The old steel banding was removed from the rotor winding and replaced by a polyglass banding. Several mechanical works were performed on the slip ring and bearing journal and the slide bearings were inspected. A support shaft was created by Bakker Repair + Services in order to speed balance the rotor.


Bakker Repair + Services arranged the transport to the Plant of Nuon after all the work in the workshop was completed. The generator was aligned on site to optimize the lifetime of the generator. Nuon received the overhauled generator within the agreed delivery time and budget.

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