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Modernization Testing Facility Bakker Repair + Services

25 November 2014

The Testing facility of Bakker Repair + Services has been upgraded including adding a test bench for single bearing generators.

In 2014 we started modernizing the Testing Facility of Bakker Repair + Services. The goal was to increase our testing capacity and upgrade the facility at the same time.

One of the important aspects of modernizing the Testing Facility was adding a single bearing generator test bench to our Testing Facility. Michael Gerdessen, Manager of the Testing Facility explains: “We have noticed an increased demand on testing single bearing generators. The new test bench has been developed especially to test single bearing generators, resulting in a decreased set up time. This enables us to test this type of machine in a faster manner.”

Aside from increasing the testing capacity, new soundproof walls have been placed and a new reception room for visitors has been created. The new reception room offers a perfect view on the testing benches and is fitted with comfortable workplaces and access to a WIFI network.

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