• Submersible motor
  • Submersible motor after sandblasting
Submersible motor
Submersible motor after sandblasting

Bakker Repair + Services overhauls 2 submersible electromotors

20 November 2014

Weighing 24 tons, these submersible electromotors are far below our maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons. Nevertheless these machine are impressive to see.

2 submersible electromotors, each weighing 24 tons,  arrived in our workshop today. Our engineers our proud to overhaul these big machines in the coming period.

By overhauling the submersible motors we ensure that both machines are in great condition. Furthermore, overhauling is a great opportunity to conduct a thorough inspection on the electromotors.

With this preventive maintenance service we make sure that our customer can continue to rely on his submersible electromotor and that he is able to provide a high quality service to his customers.