Repair of 5 MW motor in just 6 days

Bakker Repair + Services succeeded in repairing a high-voltage engine of metal recycling company HKS in Moerdijk within six days. Within this short period of time, the engine was disconnected, transported, overhauled, repaired, put back in its place and restarted.

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Repairing 5 MW motor in 6 days.

The 5 megawatt high-voltage wound rotor motor is vital to the shredder of HKS Metals in Moerdijk. During an inspection several electro motor defects were found that needed to be repaired. ,,This had to be done within six days, because every day this engine is down, the company is shut down and is missing turnover. Working under this time pressure we have shown we possess the expertise to complete such a project fast and faultless,” says account manager Robert van Slobbe of Bakker Repair + Services.

The enormous electric motor was disconnected at the site in Moerdijk and transported to the workshop of Bakker Repair + Services in Sliedrecht. Once in the workshop it turned out additional repairs were needed on the hydraulic coupling, for which Bakker brought in a specialized company from within its network.

In Sliedrecht the electric motor was completely overhauled and repaired. To dismantle and assemble the very special bearings, Bakker worked together with another specialized company within his network. Then the electric engine was transported back to Moerdijk and commissioned again. Meanwhile, at HKS, as an additional service Bakker inspected and measured the high-voltage cables of the shredder. They turned out to be fine. The entire project was completed after six days.

,,With this project we have again demonstrated our specialism in the market. Also, that if we lack the necessary expertise ourselves, we always have enough expert companies in our network that we can bring in rapidly,” says Van Slobbe. ,,We are one of the few companies that can complete a project of this complexity within such a short lead time. In theory, it could even go faster with our 24/7 service.”

Scope of the project:

  • Inspection
  • Overhaul
  • Repair of coupling
  • Commissioning

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