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Approximately 100 million travelers in the area of The Hague make use of the busses, trams and the RandstadRail of HTM. In order to offer their customers a comfortable and reliable service, the traction motors of the trams are maintained by Bakker Repair + Services since 2007.

Clear agreements

At the start of the partnership Bakker Repair + Services and HTM discussed the work scope of a standard overhaul project. Pricing for additional works that occur regularly was also discussed. Bakker Repair + Services offered HTM security regarding the maintenance cost of their trams with these agreements.


HTM empowered Bakker Repair + Services to decide if additional works need to be carried out. The trust that was given by HTM, in combination with direct lines between operations, the accountmanager and HTM, resulted in quick delivery times and a pleasant collaboration


In order to offer HTM a high quality and agile service, a dedicated area in our 5500 m2 workshop was created for maintaining the tractions motors of HTM. This area is equipped with project related tools in order to perform the works efficiently, for example a balancing bank.


The transport of the traction motor is arranged by Bakker Repair + Services in an efficient way. The truck that delivers the overhauled traction motors to HTM directly brings back a batch of traction motors that need to be overhauled. Bakker Repair + Services overhauls approximately 200 traction motors and 20 inverters according to this method to full satisfaction of HTM.

Fabricating 75 armatures

In addition to overhauling traction motors in batches, Bakker Repair + Services also performs projects for HTM. In 2013 we manufactured 75 armatures using reverse engineering. Our experts made a design based on an existing armature because there were no detailed designs available. The armatures were successfully manufactured by Bakker Repair + Services. HTM used the new armatures to extend the lifetime of their traction motors and thus keeping their trams operational for an extended period.

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Overhaul traction motor

Works performed:

  • Transport
  • Repairs
  • Balancing
  • Load test
  • Report

Start contract: 2007

traction motors:
 app. 200 a year

 circa 20 a year

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