Replica 15 MW generator

This periodic measurement showed that the condition of the stator winding was badly deteriorated. Bakker Repair + Services advised the Suikerunie to rewind the complete stator.

The generator was disassembled on site and transported to the workshop of Bakker Repair + Services in which experienced Winders work with the latest equipment.

Upon arriving in the workshop the generator was given an extra thorough inspection which revealed a core failure. In close consultation with Suikerunie it was decided to build a replica of the housing and the core. This meant that the specialists of Bakker Repair + Services had to pile up 14.000 segments by hand.

All required works were inventoried and fitted in a plan of approach in order to realize a fast delivery time and a high quality.


Bakker Repair + Services built a replica of the housing and the core and rewound the stator in just 3 months time. The transport of the generator and the alignment on site were also carried out by Bakker Repair + Services. In this way Suikerunie did not have to worry about a successful completion of the project. The replica of the generator was successfully delivered turnkey on time within the agreed budget.

Work performed

  • Composing risk plan
  • Secure installation
  • Diagnostic measurement
  • (Dis)assembling
  • Transport to workshop
  • Create core
  • Create housing
  • Rewinding
  • Speed balancing
  • Transport to customer

Machine type: 15 MW Generator
Running speed: 1500
Voltage: 10.500
Weight: 16 tons

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