• HV condition measurement during operation.
HV condition measurement during operation.

Bakker Repair + Services offers condition measurement for high voltage machines during operation

01 June 2016

High voltage electric motors and generators oftentimes have a crucial role in the operations of businesses in the industrial and maritime sectors. Shutting them down for periodic inspections results in production losses, but not inspecting them at all can result in unexpected breakdowns and extra high costs.

Quick condition measurement during operation

Bakker Repair + Services offers the solution by inspecting high voltage machines during operation in just 30 minutes. By checking  the winding’s partial discharge during operation, we can quickly determine the condition of the insulation of an electric motor or generator without any production loss. Mobile equipment is used to measure electric machines that are located in places that are hard to reach. It is not necessary to disassemble electrical machines to perform this measurement. By performing this measurement periodically, Bakker Repair + Services is able to discover trends in an electrical machine.

Highlights online partial discharge measurement:

  • Quick measurement: just 30 minutes per machine
  • No production loss
  • Minimize risks of unexpected breakdowns
  • Mobile equipment
  • Benchmark with similar machines
  • Reliable measurements and advice

More information

Click here for more information about online PD measurement.

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