• Mobile PD measurements
  • Mobile PD measurements
  • Mobile PD measurements
Mobile PD measurements
Mobile PD measurements
Mobile PD measurements

Bakker Repair + Services invests in preventative maintenance equipment that saves production downtime and potential catastrophic failures

30 March 2021

Bakker Repair + Services has invested in a mobile Partial Discharge meter. This makes it possible to determine the quality and condition of both, medium and high voltage generators and electrical motors within the marine, industrial and petro-chemical industries. Preventative testing and analysis results in reduced downtime and cost saving.

In the hands of our highly trained technicians, this state-of-the-art equipment measures the quality of the insulation. Well-timed periodic measurements will reveal aging or damaged windings due to the insulation breakdown. Once begun, partial discharge can over time cause progressive deterioration of insulation and eventually, this will lead to electrical failure. The readings obtained are analyzed and calculated decisions taken on the possible remaining life span but more importantly the most cost-effective and timeous repair solution. 

PD measurements on site

Bakker Repair + Services has been conducting PD measurements for thirty years. Our latest acquisition is a handheld mobile unit, which allows ease of access to any site, whether this is a vessel out at sea, or an inland industrial site. Bakker repair once again is the leader in innovation and the only company within the Netherlands to provide these onsite services,” says business electrical consultant Wim Zanen of Bakker Repair + Services. “In addition, to the mobile unit, Wim highlighted their fully equipped container. It houses preventative and predictive measuring instrumentation and software as well as the benefit of providing PD measurements. This unit travels easily by trailer and can be hoisted onto any vessel or placed onsite wherever there is a requirement. 

Added benefit to the industry

The analysis equipment provides the industry with testing that is both online and offline. No longer is there a need to shut down production or wait for scheduled maintenance. This diagnostic equipment is extremely efficient and can be used during operation as well. The analysis provided then allows for planned maintenance.


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